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Panoramic v2013.02 Release Notes

Panoramic_No Tagline_11 2012A software release of Panoramic will be deployed in late May and early June 2013. Panoramic is a web-based software product of Paladin Data Systems that you may know as the Habitat Work Schedule System, Forward Washington, Public TRACS, SMARTGov Community or EKO-System.

What enhancements are included in the v2013.02 Panoramic Software Release?
The primary enhancement in the v2013.02 release expands Group WebApp functionality so that users can selectively connect Projects and Places from external data sources to their own Standard WebApp.

What does this mean? When you log in to Panoramic, you land on your default WebApp (either Stardard of Group). This is where you manage your Projects and Places. If there are Projects and/or Places managed in another WebApp, there is now the ability to select and connect to only those Projects and/or Places that are relevant to you. These connected projects can be incorporated into your reports, advances searches, dashboards, and portal.

Corresponding administration functions are also enhanced to support this new feature allowing only those with certain roles and permissions to access view other WebApps, and connect and disconnect Projects and Places that have Group Level Security.

Minor bug fixes where also included.

Want to know how this new functionality works?
Come to a webinar and watch a demonstration of this enhancement. You can also understand how this new functionality works by viewing the updated user manual, or call our Support Team. A schedule of demonstrations will be available on our support site, ( support.paladinpanoramic.com )

I still don’t understand? Do I have a Group WebApp? Standard WebApp? How do I connect Projects and Places?
It’s okay. This enhancement is part of the core Panoramic software functionality which allows additional options for configuring the best solutions for our clients and users. Please contact the Panoramic Service Desk and we will connect you to one of our business analysts who can help explain the configuration solution deployed for you and how this enhancement opens up options for connecting to Projects and Places.

What will be in the next releases and when will they be available?
The Panoramic Support Website shares information about the product roadmap, release schedule, technical release notes, system documentation including user manuals and videos, and service team access options. You can also contact our service team to share your enhancement ideas – what would you do to improve Panoramic?

Did you know you get benefits from each release?
Panoramic delivers three releases a year and are seamlessly available to users. Panoramic is traditionally offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). System enhancements are prioritized and funded by Paladin Data Systems Corp. and our clients. Once those enhancements are made, they available to the entire user community. Yippee!

What is Panoramic?
Panoramic is designed for Program Managers who need to plan, track, evaluate, and share information about their program. Panoramic is a web-based system helping organizations communicate the purpose, activities, locations, and accomplishments of their programs. Panoramic provides spatial integration, cross-organization collaboration, performance reporting, an open Application Programming Interface (API) and can be specifically tailored to your program.
Do you know about Places?
I hope so. Places is a robust new features available in the v2013.01 release which was deployed earlier this year. Similar to Projects, you can manage Places that are important to you by creating them, adding attributes, location information, files and links and connecting them to projects. Places is a good tool for communicating the relationship of why you have projects in the first place. Places can be priority areas, fisheries, game management areas, estuaries, species range, corridors, etc. Next time you log into Panoramic, try creating a Place and see how it can help you track and communicate your program.

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