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SMARTGov Newsletter – August 2013

Come visit the Newly Redesigned SMARTGov Website

The newly redesigned SMARTGov website offers quick and easy access to essential information and features that offers a more comprehensive understanding of SMARTGov’s flexible, cloud-based local government solutions for permitting, plan review, code enforcement, inspections, and licensing.

The new website features responsive web design with a clean, uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on the robust features of SMARTGov. The new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of product software launches, new clients, events, informational webinars, and feature enhancements.

Still using Black Bear’s PTWin?

Black Bear ceased operations December of 2010 leaving your PTWin system unsupported and vulnerable. Paladin Data Systems purchased the source code directly from Black Bear Systems in 2011 and can migrate all your existing data at no charge. No other vendor owns this source code. Before choosing an upgrade path you should be aware of the critical risks at stake. Read more about what a Black Bear conversion looks like in our Black Bear Conversion FAQYou can also view an on-demand webinar on 5 costly mistakes to avoid when replacing PTWin, which covers:

  • Waiting Too Long to Upgrade PTWin; Potential System Failures
  • Replacing PTWin with an Inferior System
  • Incorrectly Migrating PTWin Data; Potential Data Loss
  • Ineffective PTWin Knowledge Transfer
  • Future Proofing Your Investment in a Replacement System

Watch the WebinarChelan County, WA Newest SMARTGov Client

Chelan County to convert from aging LIS system to track all aspects of zoning and codes including permit issuance, inspections, and code enforcement with SMARTGov software.

Paladin Data Systems Corporation announced Chelan County, WA today as its newest customer for SMARTGov, Paladin’s community development software that manages the full lifecycle of any permit, inspection, license, or code enforcement action for jurisdictions.

Paladin will implement its cloud based technology at Chelan County to track all aspects of zoning and codes including permit issuance, inspections, and code enforcement. The city will be transitioning from AS400-based LIS system to the cloud based features of SMARTGov including remote access for field inspectors and an interactive public portal for self-help, citizen service.

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Software in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services

Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) allows SMARTGov to more efficiently deploy all aspects of software maintenance including regular enhancements, hot fixes, DBA, real time back-ups, and disaster recovery procedures, all with a 99% availability guarantee.For our clients, reliability is a paramount concern and with Amazon’s Web Services they can be assured that all SMARTGov database administration is being performed behind the scenes in real time and they no longer have to worry about creating system backup files and managing disaster recovery protocols.SMARTGov is able to leverage a number of Amazon’s Web Services solutions to reduce costs, which are passed on to the customer and improve disaster contingency plans. With Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, known as EC2, SMARTGov is able to scale and align its SaaS responsiveness to its customer’s demands throughout the day.Read MoreIf you would like to learn more about how SMARTGov can help your jurisdiction support community development functions for permitting, planning, inspections, code enforcement, licenses, fees, parcels, and more.

City planning, project portfolio management and public transparencyLearn more about Paladin Data System’s Panoramic software which provides a central platform that offers project tracking and automated web publishing combined in a single solution that is uniquely positioned to support local government jurisdictions, helping governments to better meet their goals and communicate project information to its citizens.Contact us today to learn more www.paladinpanoramic.com

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