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SMARTGov Newsletter – September 2013

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Ellensburg, Washington – The newest SMARTGov customer

City of Ellensburg will track all aspects of zoning and codes including permit issuance, inspections, and code enforcement with software

Paladin Data Systems Corporation announced Ellensburg, WA today as its newest customer for SMARTGov, Paladin’s community development software that manages the full lifecycle of any permit, inspection, license, or code enforcement action for jurisdictions.

Paladin will implement its cloud based technology at Ellensburg to track all aspects of zoning and codes including permit issuance, inspections, and code enforcement. The city will be transitioning from Excel spreadsheets to the cloud based features of SMARTGov including remote access for field inspectors and an interactive public portal for self-help, citizen service.

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SMARTGov’s Ad-hoc Report Tool – Creating Custom Form Letters with Microsoft Word

Looking for a way to create standard communications about the permitting process to your permit applicants, contractors or customers? Maybe you use one of the 50 standard reports or form letters supplied with your SMARTGov system but they just don’t have the correct message or verbiage you want to communicate. Whether it’s a letter to the applicant informing them that their permit is expired or maybe it’s a letter to a parcel owner about a code enforcement case, you now have the power to create these types of Form Letters on your own.SMARTGov’s Ad-hoc Report Tool now has the capability to produce Form Letters from Microsoft Word documents. Combining MS Words “Bookmark” feature with a data extract query from the SMARTGov database via SMARTGov’s Ad-hoc Report Tool, users can rapidly create Form Letters for communicating with customers.

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Work Queue Prioritization

“When will it be ready?”

Permit counter personnel face this question with nearly every submittal. It’s vital information for
the applicant who is trying to time construction schedules, capitalize on seasonal weather or
environmental windows, or orchestrate a grand opening.

But it’s a tough question to answer. There tends to be a great deal of variability. Applicant
designs often need correction. Office workload peaks and wanes. Priorities differ among
reviewers. Multiple departments and several reviewers may be involved.

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Best Practices for Permit Automation

SMARTGov software is an advanced solution for managing permits, planning actions, inspections, code enforcement, and licensing. Attend this FREE webinar to learn about the SMARTGov advantage and why jurisdictions from coast to coast are moving to SMARTGov.

Increase serve levels to citizens and streamline efficiencies throughout your community development departments. Aging processes and technology do not have to leave you inefficient and vulnerable. Join the discussion and discover industry leading best practices for permit automation.

SMARTGov – Request a Demo

If you would like to learn more about how SMARTGov can help your jurisdiction support community development functions for permitting, planning, inspections, code enforcement, licenses, fees, parcels, and more.

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Learn More: Panoramic Software

City planning, project portfolio management and public transparency

Learn more about Paladin Data System’s Panoramic software which provides a central platform that offers project tracking and automated web publishing combined in a single solution that is uniquely positioned to support local government jurisdictions, helping governments to better meet their goals and communicate project information to its citizens.

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