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Paladin Announces Launch of Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) on Advanced Skills Management Industrial (ASMi) software

SSP LogoASMi software provides SSP with Watch Bill, Security Forces Qualification, and Certification Management software tool.

Paladin Data Systems announced today Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) has launched a Watch bill, Qualification and Certification Management software tool for the Sailors and Marines assigned to SSP Security Forces. Paladin’s best-in-class qualification and certification management product called Advanced Skills Management Industrial (ASMi) is the software platform for the new SSP system.

ASMi is a commercially available, personnel readiness tool designed to manage, maintain and forecast the knowledge, skills and abilities of the workforce. It is offered as a cloud-based solution or can be installed on premise and is a Commerical Off the Shelf (COTS) offering which provides flexibility to support any organization.

“SSP does such important work for our nation and we were glad that they chose to deploy our technology to support their security forces mission. The SSP organization was great to work with, and the SSP and Paladin ASMi team successfully completed the software deployment on-time and on-budget. It was a tremendous effort by the entire team,” said Jim Nall, Paladin CEO.

SSP is a highly specialized workforce composed of military and civilian, scientific, engineering, and professional personnel who work closely with private contractors and consultants. The organization directs the end-to-end effort of the Navy’s Strategic Weapons Systems to include training, systems, equipment, facilities and personnel; and fulfill the terms of the US/UK Polaris Sales Agreement.

Paladin Data Systems Corporation’s ASMi technology is now an authorized software application within The Department of the Navy (DON) Application & Database Management System (DADMS), the Authoritative Data Source for congressionally mandated improvements in management of IT resources. Over 20 DON Functional Area Managers (FAMs), Functional Data Managers (FDM) and others use DADMS to execute responsibilities in architecture, migration, consolidation, or retirement of IT portfolio resources.

About ASMi
The Advanced Skills Management Industrial (ASMi) system is a Web-centric training, testing, and workforce readiness management tool. With hundreds of thousands of military personnel worldwide requiring up-to-date training, ASMi enables supervisors to assess at a glance the overall deployment readiness of military forces, view complete unit and individual training capabilities, and provide competency information for day-to-day operations, emergency readiness, and incident investigations.
About Paladin Data Systems Corporation
Winner of numerous prestigious awards that include Top DoD Program Award, Paladin Data Systems has developed a suite of cloud-based software products serving a wide-range of government agencies in all 50 states and 6 territories. Paladin’s national presence spans a diverse customer base including U.S. local governments, state departments, regional transportation agencies, and defense contractors. Paladin also provides software services such as interface development, implementation, database administration, and project management for numerous industries in both the public and private sector. For more information about Paladin Data Systems and the full suite of products available, please visit http://www.paladindata.com.

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