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Paladin to Present ASMi at the 2015 ILEETA International Training Conference and Expo April 20 – 25, 2015 in Wheeling, IL.

Workforce readiness management software to be showcased to U.S. law enforcement training and education professionals.

ileeta-logoPaladin Data Systems Corporation announced today it will present its workforce readiness management tool Advanced Skills Management Industrial (ASMi), at ILEETA International Training Conference and Expo April 20 – 25, 2015 in Wheeling, Illinois. ASMi is cloud-based software that is highly configurable to meet the needs of the law enforcement, military and private sector organizations as a personnel readiness tool to manage, maintain and forecast the knowledge, skills and abilities of their workforce.

“I am excited to attend the ILEETA Conference and Expo next week in Chicago, and Paladin (ASMi) is pleased to become a new Corporate Sponsor for this important Law Enforcement Training Organization. I look forward to presenting ASMi, Paladin’s dynamic tool for managing personnel readiness, to this community. Being able to prove qualifications is critical, given today’s litigious environment. Therefore, better management of the entire training process from the start brings with it tremendous potential for LE agencies of the future,” said Paladin Sales Executive, Terry Thiele.

ILEETA Expo will include over 150 instructor courses and two dozen instructor certifications and armorer courses for law enforcement training and education professionals. The expo also features over 80 exhibitors showcasing the latest in law enforcement and training technology and services, as well as special competitive events for law enforcement professionals that benefit the ILEETA Scholarship Fund.

“It is amazing the necessity for this technology for US law enforcement organizations today. 100% of the law enforcement folks that we have talked to immediately get how the Cloud based ASMi tool helps solve their critical training and personnel readiness issues. With some of the national incidents and attention these departments are receiving, the ASMi technology has become an overnight “must have” requirement for law enforcement,” said Jim Nall, CEO of Paladin.

About ASMi
The Advanced Skills Management Industrial (ASMi) system is a Web-centric training, testing, and workforce readiness management tool. With hundreds of thousands of law enforcement personnel worldwide requiring up-to-date training, ASMi enables supervisors to assess at a glance the overall readiness of police forces, view complete department and individual training capabilities, and provide competency information for day-to-day operations, emergency readiness, and incident investigations.
About Paladin Data Systems Corporation
Winner of numerous prestigious awards that include Top DoD Program Award, Paladin Data Systems has developed a suite of cloud-based software products serving a wide-range of government agencies in all 50 states and 6 territories. Paladin’s national presence spans a diverse customer base including U.S. local governments, state departments, regional transportation agencies, and defense contractors. Paladin also provides software services such as interface development, implementation, database administration, and project management for numerous industries in both the public and private sector. For more information about Paladin Data Systems and the full suite of products available, please visit http://www.paladindata.com.

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