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Mason County Sheriff’s Office Adopts Paladin’s ASMi Software

Mason County Sheriff’s Department represents Paladin’s second law enforcement implementation for ASMi software

mason-county-sheriff--thumbPaladin Data Systems is proud to announce another ASMi law enforcement client in the State of Washington, Mason County Sheriff’s Department. Mason County will use Paladin’s cloud-based Workforce Readiness Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to track personnel readiness, performance, and qualifications for its police force.

ASMi is an easy-to-use, web-based software designed to provide management oversight and resource assignment support by customizing development and training of personnel for police, fire, military and private sector personnel. ASMi enables law enforcement management to immediately assess the overall readiness of their police force, view complete up-to-date department and individual training capabilities, and provide competency information for day-to-day operations, incident investigations and emergency response.

“The Mason County Sheriff’s Office continues to be an innovative, progressive and resourceful law enforcement agency as demonstrated through our recent purchase of ASMi. ASMi will reduce our administrative efforts to manage officer training and will increase our ability to effectively oversee a force focused on public safety. ASMi is a forward thinking technology and provides a great advantage in the management of officer readiness,” Lieutenant Travis Adams, Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

ASMi replaces multiple products within the Police and Sheriff departments and streamlines efficiencies necessary with today’s risk and budget constraints. ASMi’s true Cloud implementation in AWS eliminates the needs for departments to incur the costs of hardware, backups, disaster, recovery systems, database management, and other costs associated with the life cycle of a product. ASMi is constantly improving, and with the SaaS model all customers automatically receive this functionality without the risks of losing current capabilities or business efficiencies.

Mason County Sheriff’s Office is a leader in adapting to process improvements and efficiencies through the use of technology. We here at Paladin are excited to provide ASMi as a SaaS offering to Mason County Sheriff’s Office as a tool to manage personnel and personnel readiness. We see this partnership as a great opportunity to refine ASMi and the processes of Mason County Sheriff’s Office allowing ASMi to seamlessly automate the business in a way that no Sheriff’s Office experiences today,” said Juan Haley, Paladin’s Vice President of Product Delivery.

About ASMi
The Advanced Skills Management Industrial (ASMi) system is a Web-centric training, testing, and workforce readiness management tool. With hundreds of thousands of military personnel worldwide requiring up-to-date training, ASMi enables supervisors to assess at a glance the overall deployment readiness of military forces, view complete unit and individual training capabilities, and provide competency information for day-to-day operations, emergency readiness, and incident investigations.
About Paladin Data Systems Corporation
Winner of numerous prestigious awards that include Top DoD Program Award, Paladin Data Systems has developed a suite of cloud-based software products serving a wide-range of government agencies s. Paladin’s national presence spans a diverse customer base of local governments, state departments, regional transportation agencies, and defense contractors. Paladin also provides software services such as interface development, implementation, database administration, and project management for numerous industries in both the public and private sector. For more information about Paladin Data Systems and the full suite of products available, visit http://www.paladindata.com.

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