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Annual Conference for International Association for Chiefs of Police

The annual IACP gathering will be in San Diego from October 15-18. Paladin will exhibit and be demonstrating ASMi, a platform that helps police departments streamline training to improve workforce readiness. 
The IACP Annual Conference and Exposition is the largest and most important law enforcement event of the year — more than 14,000 public safety professionals attend to learn new techniques, advance their knowledge and careers and equip their department for ongoing success.
If you plan on attending, stop by and see us, or contact us now to set an appointment time for a demonstration.  If you cannot make the MLEC, we can schedule a hosted demonstration or register you for an upcoming webinar.
We will be giving out goodies and giving away a TV at the end of the show – stop by and drop off your card!
About ASMi
ASMi integrates the training and certification processes into a coherent personnel readiness dashboard equipped to measure and manage personnel readiness more effectively in a wide array of enterprise settings.  Where ASMi is different from other systems is that it supports management of the certification process/business as well as management of the results.

Because a training manager or mentor is no longer required to manually document certification events or manage the actual documents, they can spend more effort on assessing and managing technical readiness and mission requirements.  ASMi allows the flexibility to examine a training jacket without needing to be physically in the work center. This flexibility allows managers and inspectors to check a training program at any time, not just during an audit or inspection.

ASMi enables the program requirements workforce to effectively collaborate with the operational communities. Without a tool like ASMi, it is very challenging to standardize, collect effectiveness feedback, collect emerging requirements from the field, or collect meaningful metrics.

Learn more about ASMi.

About Paladin Data

Paladin Data Systems delivers hosted solutions that help government agencies streamline community development, project management, and employee development in the most efficient way possible. Today, more than 70 jurisdictions across the country use SmartGOV.  In 2015 alone, SmartGOV processed 13,251 licenses, 56,772 permits, and 17,036 enforcement cases serving over 1.5 million citizens.

Learn more about Paladin Data.

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