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Washington Chooses SMARTGOV for Cannabis and Liquor Licensing Solution

Washington Innovates Cannabis Licensing with SMARTGOV

WSLCB awards contract for online licensing to SMARTGOV

Poulsbo, WA – September 20, 2016

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) has selected SMARTGOV, a cloud-based platform from Paladin Data Systems, to replace its current licensing systems.

SMARTGOV manages permitting and licensing through a hosted service, giving staffers, applicants and citizens visibility into the application process, from submittal through issuance. The SMARTGOV system streamlines permits and licenses, allowing the WSLCB to process business applications more quickly, while also improving communication and oversight.

“SMARTGOV empowers applicants to become active participants in the permitting and licensing process, providing all of our citizens with information transparency,” said Jim Nall, CEO of Paladin.

SMARTGOV replaces WSLCB’s legacy systems and previous processes. An agile, cloud-based solution that will accommodate the WSLCB’s timeline, SMARTGOV will launch in 2017 for WSLCB.

“The SMARTGOV design takes advantage of modern cloud technologies on Amazon Web Services.  This provides the WSLCB with on-demand scaling, high availability, unlimited secure storage, increased agility and minimal capital expenditures.  Cloud computing lets WSLCB focus on their customers, rather than expensive infrastructure and maintenance,” said Ed Hallda, VP, Strategic Development at Paladin.

Paladin’s hosted SMARTGOV solutions efficiently streamline community development, project management, and employee development for government agencies. Today, more than 100 jurisdictions across the country use SMARTGOV and have processed over 280,000 licenses and permits serving over 1.5 million citizens.

For more information about Paladin and SMARTGOV, visit www.paladindata.com or call 360.779.2400.

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