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Dude Solutions Acquires Paladin Data Systems

FAQs for Paladin Data Systems Clients


Q: What are we announcing?

A: Paladin Data Systems has been acquired by Dude Solutions, the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise asset management (EAM) provider (Source: ARC Advisory Group, 2017). Paladin and Dude Solutions are long-time partners, and the goal of the extended partnership is to provide more resources and support for Paladin clients and the SMARTGOV portfolio.

Q: Who is Dude Solutions?

A: Dude Solutions is the number-one SaaS provider of operations management solutions for both the public and private sector. Based in Cary, North Carolina, Dude Solutions has been serving the government, education and healthcare industries, among others, for nearly two decades. With more than 10,000 clients and millions of users, Dude Solutions owns the world’s largest database of operations data, which makes us much more than an operations management company. With advanced data analytics capabilities, we’re able to help organizations with capital forecasting, predictive maintenance, energy conservation, IT optimization and more, all in an effort to help our clients maximize efficiencies and drive meaningful business outcomes.

Q: Why did Dude Solutions choose to partner with Paladin?

A: Dude Solutions and Paladin offer complementary products, and together we can provide a more holistic suite of SaaS solutions for local and state government agencies.

Q: What are the benefits of this partnership for Paladin clients?

A: Partnering with Dude Solutions provides a much wider resource and support network for Paladin clients. We have nearly 600 employees, two-thirds of whom are dedicated to building and supporting world-class products for our clients. Dude Solutions is known for its innovative, user-friendly technology and legendary client support, which have earned us a 97 percent client satisfaction rating.

Also, Dude Solutions offers a number of products that are complementary to your SMARTGOV investment, including a platform for managing all of your assets, both linear and non-linear, a solution for optimizing capital planning and budgeting, and an offering for dramatically reducing energy costs.

Q: Is anything changing with the Paladin products?

A: No, the products will remain as you know them today. They will be assimilated into the Dude Solutions platform and into the various business functions within Dude Solutions, but the user experience and functionality you’ve come to rely on will remain.

Q: Will Dude Solutions continue to invest in the Paladin products?

A: Yes, absolutely. The ultimate goal of the extended partnership is to devote more resources to supporting Paladin’s clients and enhancing Paladin’s products. Dude Solutions will continue to make incremental updates and enhancements to the Paladin offerings to help you maximize the value of the platform.

Q: Are there any plans to discontinue SMARTGOV or ASMi?

A: No, the reason Dude Solutions chose to partner with Paladin is to be able to offer Community Development and Skills Management solutions to our clients. Both SMARTGOV and ASMi are complementary to existing Dude Solutions offerings, and they strengthen our position in the marketplace. Both are critical to our go-to-market success.

Q: Will Paladin products be integrated with Dude Solutions offerings?

A: Over time, where it makes sense for our clients, we will explore integrating Paladin products with Dude Solutions offerings for a more unified product and user experience.

Q: Is anything changing with the implementation process?

A: No, the implementation process remains the same. Dude Solutions will honor the scope and terms of existing contracts.

Q: Will my invoice look different?

A: Yes, for any add-ons or renewals purchased on or after June 1st, you will receive a new invoice with the Dude Solutions logo and branding.

Q: Is anything changing with my Paladin contacts?

A: No, you will still interact with the same Paladin contacts you know and love. They’re now part of the Dude Solutions community, but the Paladin staff and location will remain the same.

Also, your Paladin contacts now have more resources to rely on as they help you maximize the value of your SMARTGOV investment.

Q: Where do I go for more information? Who can help answer any additional questions?

A: Feel free to contact your Paladin sales/account representative for additional questions or for more information.

To learn more about Dude Solutions, visit: https://www.dudesolutions.com/.

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