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Paladin Data Systems Clients


SMARTGOV Case Studies

Town of Florence, Arizona

“SmartGov has enhanced every aspect of our processes. Every department that is critical to a review is now involved with the entire process of all development activities that come into the Town. It has everything that we are looking for and a budget that the Town was looking for. It is a perfect fit!” Tracie Ramirez, Permit Specialist, Town of Florence, AZ   Read More

Skamania County, Washington
“User friendly, manageable, and efficient, the SMARTGOV software has allowed us to successfully implement streamlined and efficient; permit processing at a time when resources (staff, time, and funding) are strained and customer satisfaction is a priority.” Nikki Hollatz, Environmental Health Specialist – Skamania County, WA Read More

Kitsap County, Washington
“Since April 2014, first-time permit approvals are up 35 percent. Using review cycles in the program, Kitsap County’s DCD is now able to track and manage permit review times, allowing staff to identify complications earlier and deal with them in a timely manner. DCD is also able to set review time goals and accurate expectations for customers. Finally, DCD is better able to keep track of and prove when a permit application has been with the department for review and when it was returned to the applicant for more information.” Kitsap County, Washington  Read More

Delano, California
“The ability for increase in collaboration and accountability across departments has allowed for staff to process permits more efficiently with a smaller number of staff than in previous years, leading to increased efficiency in the use of taxpayer dollars, ” Jerome Keene – senior planner with engineering firm Quad Knopf, Inc. Delano, California  Read More


ASMi Case Studies

City Of Poulsbo
With the goal of improving its mission readiness, in early 2015 the Poulsbo Police Department began implementation of ASMi, Paladin’s Web-centric training, testing and workforce readiness management tool. This easy-to-use software customizes development and training of personnel for police, fire, military and private sector staff. ASMi enables law enforcement management to immediately assess the overall readiness of its police force, view complete up-to-date department and individual training capabilities, and provide competency information for day-to-day operations, incident investigations and emergency response. Read More

Mason County
ASMi allows the Mason County Sheriff’s Office to replace multiple products, thus becoming more efficient in an environment of risk and budget constraints. ASMi’s true cloud implementation in Amazon Web Services eliminates the need for the Mason County Sheriff’s Office to incur costs associated with hardware, backups, disaster recovery systems, database management, and other expenses. Furthermore, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office enjoys the flexibility associated with the always-improving ASMi, as part of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model all customers automatically receive. This allows the Mason County Sheriff’s Office to plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the Internet. Read More


Panoramic Case Studies

Wildlife TRACS
WSFR contracted with Paladin Data Systems to configure its Paladin Panoramic software to track and report conservation actions and projects funded by the USFWS. The interface allows the state/public facing portion of the system (called Public TRACS) to view selected data from the federal system and display it on a public website. Read More

Forward Washington
The Washington State Legislature works in tandem with local and federal governments to provide funding that supports a safe, efficient and effective transportation network across Washington. The current network is composed of over 65,000 miles of state, county and city roadways; more than 7,600 bridges and structures; the nation’s largest ferry fleet; and more than 30 transit systems. Read More

Habitat Work Schedule
Paladin’s Panoramic software was selected to manage the data tracking and public portal for projects related to the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund. An independent technical advisory team worked with Paladin to configure the system to fit the data needs of salmon recovery in Washington State. Paladin then trained 27 watershed data stewards, identified by the state, on use of the system. Legacy data was entered into the system and within 6 months, Habitat Work Schedule was live. Read More

Fort Worth Police Department
Paladin and the Fort Worth Police Department Program Support Division conceptualized and designed a web based tracking tool to help with management and oversight of the departmental strategic plan initiatives, capital projects, CCPD programs, and other departmental measures being tracked and reported upon. The tool is built with Paladin Panoramic and allows up to 150 employees across the department to enter project and program information directly into the system. Read More

City of Mukilteo
Paladin Panoramic has given the City of Mukilteo a cost effective means to store, display, and share real-time information about projects in the city’s long range Capital Facilities Plan. Panoramic offers flexibility necessary to easily sync the technology with the city’s planning guidelines and outreach procedures. Read More

Kitsap County Public Works
Kitsap County Public Works in Washington state turned to Paladin Data System Corporation’s Panoramic, a software application that manages information with a unique set of features allowing public works to better communicate the purpose, activities, locations and accomplishments of its projects and programs – both externally and internally. Read More