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Paladin’s GSA IT Schedule 70 enables fast and easy access to high-quality information technology services. The Schedule is currently open for use by federal, state and local government agencies. With a GSA Schedule, the Government has already negotiated contract prices and terms and conditions, so the lead-time required to obtain services and products is dramatically reduced. Our price list and ordering information are available on the GSA Advantage! website.

GSA IT Schedule 70

Contract Title General Services Administration IT Schedule 70

Purpose GSA offers centralized procurement for federal government offering products, services and facilities that federal agencies need to serve the public.

User Community Federal, state and local governments may purchase customized software and related services using GSA IT Schedule 70.

Contract Number GS-35F-0386K

Contract Period May 5, 2000 to May 4, 2015

Business Size Small Business

Website https://www.gsaadvantage.gov

View Paladin’s GSA schedule: {click here}